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Our Range

Blinds are the most cost-effective way to dress your windows.

We have a wide range of both styles and fabrics to choose from, each will change the look of your home in dramatic ways. We are experienced and can recommend the perfect solution for your home.


Roller Blinds

Always a favourite, roller blinds can provide excellent light-blocking applications as well as excelling when you need privacy. 

We have an extensive range of fabrics for you to choose from and all at very affordable prices.


Sheer Elegance

The name says it all, a very elegant window solution.

Our Sheer Elegance range use an innovative system that provides you with unmatched versatility. 

Sheer Elegance is the perfect fit for a home that also has Plantation Shutters, the looks compliment each other perfectly.


Panel Blinds

A stylish, modern solution that is very cost effective.

Panel Blinds are a perfect solution for large window spaces such as a patio door.


Honeycomb Blinds

Extremely versatile, Honeycomb Blinds provide a modern look at a very affordable price.

These blinds can be lowered from the top down, maintaining privacy while welcoming the sunlight.


Vertical Blinds

An easy solution for any modern home. Vertical blinds are easy to use and give you great flexibility. 

Especially convenient for large spans across sliding doors and large windows.